Ring to Cage USAB-Approved Competition Headgear


Ring to Cage offers a compelling USAB-Approved headgear that can double as your go-to training headgear. This entry will be my review of the product.

Our Review

Ring to Cage has offered a competitive product compared to the other competition-approved headgear on the market. The headgear shines in overall quality of construction and padding. Yet, although the fit is completely adjustable, because of the curvature and size of the opening, the boxer’s face may look more ovular than he or she may prefer.

Specification and Features
  • Material(s): Genuine Leather exterior, Suede interior
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces (for size Small (up to 22″))
  • Overall Dimensions: 9.25″ (h) x 8.5″ (w) x 6″ (l)
  • Opening Dimensions: 4.75″ (h) x 5″ (w)
  • Padding Thickness: 1″
  • Country of Manufacture: Pakistan
  • Retail Price: $50-$65

This headgear has several noteworthy and unique features. It is completely adjustable, utilizing velcro straps for the top, back, and chin. It has extra padding on the ears and back of the head. It has a double-deployant chin strap, wide and thick Velcro straps, and relatively closed facial opening with drastic curves for protection. Also, it is approved by USA boxing for competition.


The padding is thick and soft compared to most of its competitors. The forehead padding measures 1 inch. Padding slightly decreases by 1/8 of an inch at the temples but gradually rebounds back to an inch at the cheek. The padding is thickest at the chin (1.125″) and at the back of the head (1.25″). Although the padding is thick, the headgear is rather light and vision remains clear and unobstructed.

Construction Quality

For the price, the construction quality is hard to beat. After 5 matches, some sparring, and 2 years of storage, it shows very few, if any, indications of use or wear. The suede is odorless, but the leather has maintained a “new leather” smell, which during use, the boxer would not notice at all. The headgear is single-stitched. which may explain lose strands at the strap anchors, back pad, and USAB label. The finishing and detailing has a vintage or raw theme to it, as the end of the leather is cut and the stitching is exposed.


My headgear has been used 5 times in competition. A week or two prior to competition, I would use it 2 days per week for sparring and contact drills. For the remainder of the time I had it, it was stored in my closet, which reached abnormal temperatures (0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity levels (40% to 80%). After matches and sparring, I wiped it down with disinfectant wipes and allowed it to air dry. Through all these situations, there are very little signs of use and wear. The suede remains odorless and soft, and the leather supple, giving off a faint “new leather smell.” the only signs of use are the loose strands at the top strap anchor, back pad, and USAB label.


Vision is completely open, and the headgear is light on the head. However, due to the size and distribution of the padding, it may feel bulkier than its competitors with standard padding thickness and distribution. Because of the numerous adjustment options (two-way top, one way rear and chin), I don’t remember ever having to adjust it during a competition or training. Also, the impact of punches feel similar to regular training headgear, and my skin does not risk much contact with oncoming punches. However, the headgear makes my face look more round than it is, as the thick padding compresses my cheeks and the curves of the facial opening (compare with Adidas AIBA-approved headgear) gives the illusion of a soft frame. Of course, this is my personal experience, so how its looks may differ from boxer to boxer.

Author: Le Ho

I am currently a law student at the University of North Carolina Law School. As an undergraduate, I boxed for Carolina and earned its first men's national championship title.

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