Straight to Boxing has two managers/authors, Le Ho and Loc Ho.  Le and Loc learned much about boxing since starting the sport in middle school.  They’ve largely moved on from competitive boxing but are still passionate about the sport.  Straight to Boxing is a product of that passion.

Our mission is to make boxing accessible for anyone interested in the sport. This includes everything from explaining the fundamentals of boxing to revealing the competitive scene of boxing. The bulk of this site will be a resource for the beginner boxer and the advanced boxer; we aim to provide helpful information that all boxers can work with to improve their boxing skill. So just look in the Beginner or Advanced sections to start learning.

In case you are wondering, we are not affiliated with any third party organization, nor are we or will we be influenced by any third party organization. We simply want to provide valuable information about boxing to our readers.

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Lastly, Straight to Boxing is a labor of love.  The site has new posts periodically (when Le or Loc has time to write one) and will one day have thousands of articles in all of its categories.  For now, please enjoy what the site has to offer.