The advanced section is for fresh and seasoned boxers alike. It focuses more on the technical side of boxing and aims to give insight into areas that even some experienced boxers might not know or understand.

In the training subsection, articles may provide specific regimens and exercises (and their rationale) for a boxer’s strength and conditioning. Likewise, the nutrition subsection may provide diet overviews and weight-cutting advice and guidelines.

In the advanced footwork subsection, you may find information on switching stances, the L-step, the pendulum step, signature footwork (i.e. Ali shuffle), and more.

In the advanced offense and advanced defense subsections, you will find important articles about rhythm, timing, angles, ring generalship/utilization, unorthodox punches, defensive styles, feints, signature maneuvers…

The tactics subsection contains analyses and comparisons of different tactics (e.g. low-high offense and active leading) and strategies (e.g. dirty fighting, round-by-round mentalities). And the drills subsection provides, as it suggests, drills for improving a specific aspect of a boxer.