About The Blog

Great information about pure boxing is few and far between on the internet. There are informative websites about boxing if you search for it, but even those do not focus enough on what counts when you are learning how to improve your boxing.

This blog will give the fundamentals of boxing to you straight. There are two sections, one for beginner boxers and the other for advanced boxers; two writers, one an orthodox boxer and the other a southpaw boxer; and two goals, one is to make boxing accessible and the other is to deliver genuine instruction for you to improve.

It’s very difficult to get the right instruction if you do not put yourself into a boxing gym. Even if you go to a gym, the instruction can be lacking or you would like more instruction. And sometimes, it is better to read what to do in boxing than to be told what to do in boxing. This blog aims to supplement this lack of instruction, as well as introduce parts of boxing that people who are interested might not know without it.

The majority of this blog will be a boxer’s resource, which means that the information provided is for the purpose of the boxer to refine their technique, learn new maneuvers, etc. There are also sections about equipment and competition, which will also provide some help to those interested. And if you are not yet a boxer, there is no better way to decide to start than using this boxer’s resource to read about what’s to come when you start boxing.