Combo for a Taller Opponent Part 1


Throughout my match with an opponent much taller than me, I found myself throwing this combo repeatedly. It was so effective because it allowed me to close the distance and land the punch I was looking to land. It should be noted, though, that I’m a southpaw while this opponent is orthodox.

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I skipped throwing the jab here and went straight to rear body hook.

How to Throw This Combo

In numbers, the combo sequence is: 1-6b-3b-2.

The combo starts with a jab. Then throw a rear hook to the body while sinking down, making sure to move your head in a weaving motion. Follow up with a lead hook to the body, and use that resulting position to throw a cross.

When to Throw This Combo

First of all, don’t even consider throwing this combo if you aren’t stronger and more heavy-handed than your opponent. This is because this combo requires a lot of follow-through, which requires strength, and relies on effective punches, ones that can be felt.

Now, if you find yourself against an opponent that’s taller or the same height, throw this combo to disrupt your opponent’s rhythm and close the distance. Because the jab is thrown out, it should be no problem to start this combo from a long range, but ideally, it should be executed at mid-range. If your opponent is a head-hunter, then this combo should prove to be very effective due to the duck-under (done while throwing the rear body hook).

Author: Loc Ho

I attend the University of California, Berkeley, Law School. Before that, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I studied metaphysics and coached the boxing team. You could say I'm "taoist," though I don't see myself as one. And I've been boxing since middle school. I contribute to and

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