Adidas Adipower Boxing Boots Review


You can see many Olympians wearing Adidas Adipower boxing boots. Past Olympians like Erislandy Lara and Errol Spence Jr. seem to enjoy their pair. And some professional fighters like Kell Brook even sport them occasionally. If you are thinking about purchasing a pair, or just want to know more about them, this review will be useful.

About the Shoes:

Spence wearing his Adipowers in his fight against Garcia (2012)

Released in 2012, Adidas’ Adipower Boxing boots are not as popular as some of the other big-name boxing boots (Reebok’s Boxing Shoes or Nike’s KO Boxing Shoes), although they are just as (or more) expensive at around $200. They seem to be a popular choice among Olympians past and present as they were released as the Olympics’ boxing boot. Adidas does not offer the boots on their website, so they must be purchased indirectly.


What Others Say:

Popular reviewer Fit2box offers his review on the red versions and also on the black versions. He comments “these are very practical as well as stylish boots” and that he would definitely buy himself another pair. He says “[the sole is] pretty flexible…so good to actually wear and be in the ring with.” He concludes “they are a very, very nice boot.” and that they look even better worn.

Youtuber Moreno Boxing compares the Adidas Adipowers to Nike’s Machomais and favors the Adipowers over the Machomais. He says that the material is quite breathable and flexible, as he likens the shoe’s unique spine to protective “scales”. He notices “[the boots have] more flexibility, so you can twist the boot a little bit more.” However, he states “[the sole], where you’re pivoting off the foot to throw your punch, just doesn’t provide enough grip.” (Link:

A contributor of Sherdog Forums says “the Adipowers have some arch support too, very good ankle support. A lot more narrow than the Hyperko and the bottom is sort of a smooth rubber as opposed to the herringbone pattern on the Hyperko.” (Link:

My Review:

I bought my pair in 2016, so I’ve had my boots for about a year. However, my total time wearing them may be comparable to boots owned for about four or five months. This is because they are pretty expensive, so I’ve reserved them for my pre-competition training and matches. However, they offer a lot of style, build quality, and support.

Specifications: Each shoe weighs exactly 10.2 ounces (290 grams). They were made in China and feature a stiff mesh upper, a suede toe-cap, a padded top-line (which is the only place on the shoe where there’s any padding), and a rubber sole/heel. The sole is more flexible than the sole of Nike’s boxing shoes and noticeably more stiff than the sole of a running shoe (i.e. Mizuno shoes). I have had no problems with the grip they provide.

Break-in Period: When I first got them, they were very tight, and it took a couple of training sessions to break them in. They are rather slim and would be ideal for someone with slender to normal feet. However, at most, a somewhat wide foot would be able to wear them comfortably (given that they be broken in).

Design: I would not consider these high-tops since they come up to the middle of my shin. However, they have superb ankle support. The ridges on the spine of the shoes give additional support so that there is not much flexion backwards. Even though the material is flexible itself, the shoe retains its form when not in use. The color scheme is coordinated and understated, with little accents of red here and there. The boots look as good or even better in person, and I feel like I am wearing the most stylish and classy boots when I spar or compete.

Quality and Durability: The build quality is top-notch. Although I had to cut off some loose strands on the toe-cap a few months ago, nothing has been or is now out of place or tearing, except for a minor strand on the toe-cap. However, the durability may be lacking. From the picture of showing the heels, you can see that Adidas patterned the heels and soles, which seemed to have been there for short-term grip, but as I’ve used my boots, the grip has worn around the sole. They may have degraded faster than normally, since I’ve used them on the street occasionally. But I mostly wear them on turf and track. Still, even though the sole has degraded through my use, the shoes still feel snug and have ample grip for competition.

I like these shoes a lot, and I think they were worth the price I paid (which was $130). However, I don’t know if I would pay $200 for them since other options would do fine for my needs. I would recommend these shoes only if the person values an understated but strikingly unique style or if they want to use the shoes of Olympians. In my opinion, these shoes are a better boxing boot than most of its competitors (after all, they were designed with optimal performance in mind), but boots like Nike’s Machomais (forthcoming) offer even greater value.

Author: Le Ho

I am currently a law student at the University of North Carolina Law School. As an undergraduate, I boxed for Carolina and earned its first men's national championship title.

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    1. Hi Neelo, I bought my pair from eBay because I couldn’t find any trusted suppliers. My understanding is that Adidas has discontinued these.


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