Sabas ProSeries TC 16oz Boxing Glove Review


Sabas Champions Fight Gear was established in 2014 in San Jacinto, California, and their gloves, specifically their SuperSoft line, are touted to be a good alternative to the Winning MS-600. I can’t say whether they deserve this reputation, but I can give you insight about my pair and an overview of what others have to say about these gloves. Note: my gloves were purchased in 2016.

About the Gloves:

The gloves are made in Mexico and feature soft genuine leather, “3 layer padding,” and satin lining. Their triple cuff and often 3-color design makes them stand out. As of August 11th, 2017, they are priced at $110.


What Others Say:

Upon receiving his custom pair, boxing trainer and equipment reviewer Fit2box comments “it really is great to receive such items–really, really beautiful gloves,” and goes on to say “when [he] took them to the gym,  they caused quite a stir…” Comparing his 16oz Sabas gloves to 14oz Grant gloves, he gives higher marks to the Grant boxing gloves but replies “this glove, from Sabas, is virtually the same as the Grant gloves.”

A review on rates the gloves a 9.4 out of 10, praising that “the shock absorption…. is absolutely incredible.” However, the review mentions that the gloves may not be exactly 16oz and attaches photos showing 14oz gloves being under 12oz and 16oz gloves barely making 15oz. This review also remarks “[they] have felt more feedback in these than in [Winning gloves].”

A beginner boxer posted a review on reddit (r/amateur_boxing) and exclaims “THESE ARE SNUG. THEY FEEL LIKE THEY WERE MADE FOR MY HAND.” Although a beginner boxer, he compares them to his previous pair of gloves, and regrets “that they weren’t [his] first pair of gloves.”

My Review:
The palm side of my gloves

I would like to offer my own experience with my pair of Sabas boxing gloves. I found my gloves to be very comfortable because the leather is soft, although not the best quality, and the hand compartment is generously padded and smooth. I have gotten a compliment about my gloves, but I have never heard any of my sparring partners tell me that the gloves are less hard than, for example, stiff IMF-tech Ringside gloves.

The padding is condense, but it is durable.

After one year of use, the padding is still even, and the gloves smell like leather (inside and outside). I am impressed that there is no stench from heavy, year-round use. However, I have found some flaws: loose threads, weak dye, and weak leather. Although minor, there is one loose thread on each glove. More importantly, when I kept tape on my gloves for a long time, the dye came onto the tape. I have since replaced this tape, but when removing it, the tape took some of the leather with it. This tape was ordinary athletic tape, so I was disappointed that the outer layer of the leather on my gloves peeled. On another note, my left glove weighs 16.2 ounces, and the other 16.15 ounces. This shows, at least, that the weight can be consistent.

Author: Le Ho

I am currently a law student at the University of North Carolina Law School. As an undergraduate, I boxed for Carolina and earned its first men's national championship title.

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