The 10 Major Fitness Benefits of Boxing


One of the key reasons for the rising popularity of boxing in recent times is the fitness it can provide. Many people do acknowledge that boxing and the nutrition involved are one of the best ways to get in shape and stay in shape. In this article, I want to aggregate the fitness benefits of boxing.

What Are the Fitness Benefits of Boxing?

Anyone who has performed a boxing workout or has trained in boxing, no matter their experience level, would agree with these commonly cited physical and mental benefits.

  • General development of both fast-twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers (boxing workouts incorporate both anaerobic and aerobic movements.)
  • Natural incorporation of HIIT method (boxing requires a lot of exertion in short to moderate intervals.)
  • Light to moderate resistance training
  • Stress relief
  • Confidence Booster (According to an article on The Independent, the writer say he felt more confident after completing a boxing workout.)

However, there are some fitness benefits that are cited less often. Maybe because only competitive or seasoned boxers would know about them. Or maybe because only exceptionally perceptive individuals can pick them up in their first few training sessions. Whatever the case, these reasons apply to all people who train for boxing:

  • Development of reaction and timing
  • Increase in hand-eye and feet coordination
  • Development of spatial awareness (boxers need to know their reach, their head position relative to an object, ring management, etc.)
  • Resistance to high-impact force (due to the neck training and core work involved in boxing)
  • Anxiety and Fear relief

It is worth mentioning that boxing specializes only in boxing: It goes without saying that boxing cannot make you jacked or marathon-lean, even though it incorporates resistance training and cardio. It is not useful for increasing your 40-yard dash or decreasing your 15-kilometer time. Boxing provides a mix of fitness benefits in order to produce better boxers.


Depending on how you understand ‘fitness’, the fitness benefits of boxing are obvious: it makes you tough, explosive, and dangerous. However, for most of us, the fitness benefits of boxing are numerous as it offers mental relief and effective physical conditioning.

Author: Le Ho

I am currently a law student at the University of North Carolina Law School. As an undergraduate, I boxed for Carolina and earned its first men's national championship title.

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