Greatest Boxers Defined By Their Defense

Defensive boxers are those “slick” boxers who usually make their opponents miss and punish them for doing so. They might throw less punches overall and are seen to be “technicians” more than anything else. Here, I analyze the greatest boxers known for their defensive mastery.

Blocking Punches

This article offers some guidelines for blocking in boxing. For rookies and seasoned boxers, blocking is probably the easiest active defense there is. Along with being relatively easy, it is probably the most effective active defense there is. What more could you ask for?

Slipping Punches

Slipping punches is the most basic form of dodging, at least in boxing. It is not easy to get wrong, but some would-be boxers manage to mess it up. However, when it is done successfully,  for a brief moment it makes you look untouchable.